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Bog:Understanding business:2016:11. ed. Understanding business
Forfatter: Nickels, William G.
Udgivelsesår: 2016
Sprog: Engelsk
Hylde: 33.25 > Nickels
Materialetype: Bog
Udgave: 11. ed.
Hjemme: 1
Reserveringer: 0
understanding business has long been the market leader because we listen to instructors and students. With this eleventh edition we are proud to offer a platinum experience, that: improves student performanceunderstanding business puts students at the center. Its the only learning program on the market to offer proven adaptive technology that increases grades by a full letter through Connect Business, and the only program to offer the first and only adaptive eBook ever, smartbook. enhances your teachingThe authors are dedicated to supporting your teaching and your students learning, which is why they listen to YOU and develop resources based on YOUR suggestions and course needs. This is the only author-team on the market that carefully review each and every resource to ensure cohesion. accessible to allThis learning program has moved toward tighter compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, and provides students the opportunity to learn regardless of learning style or disability. Whats more, it earner a perfect score of 100 points possible by Quality Matters, an independent organization that reviews and certifies the quality of online courses and online components.

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