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Opportunity for researching Greenlandic websites

In 2014, The Central Library of Greenland and Groenlandica collaborated with the Royal Library in a pilot project to harvest the Greenlandic internet to the Danish internet archive -

The Department of Family, Culture, Church and Gender Equality gave permission for the Greenlandic internet to be harvested for a limited period of time. The Royal Library carried out the harvest on behalf of the Central Library of Greenland.

Netarkivet is the Danish internet archive. Netarkivet is a collaboration between the Royal Library and Statsbiblioteket (State and University Library), who collect and preserve the Danish part of the internet in accordance with the Danish legal deposit act.

Researchers or Ph.-D. students with proven research objectives, can apply for access to the Greenlandic websites that were collected in the pilot project.

Additional information about access opportunities and requirements is available on, or from Kirsten Heilmann in Groenlandica.

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