Lending options Lending options

Everyone can read and borrow Groenlandica's materials.

Library cards from Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia – The Central and Public Library – can also be used to borrow materials from Groenlandica. Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia's rules apply regarding the issue of library cards. Students or staff at Ilimmarfik can use their ID cards as library cards.

Specific items which are requested will usually be delivered right away. Requests for specific subjects cannot be expected to be delivered right away as the time of delivery will depend on the subject requested, whether it can be covered by books, or if articles etc. need to be found as well.

Borrowers in Nuuk can order material by visiting Groenlandica during opening hours or by contacting the library by telephone or by e-mail.

Borrowers living outside Nuuk may borrow materials via interlibrary loan through their local library.

The holdings of Groenlandica are at free disposal in all of Greenland.

If the material cannot be borrowed, it is possible to order a photocopy (please contact the staff for further information). If the material exceeds 25 pages, the price will be DKK 1.00 per page.

Very rare and valuable material is only sent by courier and it may therefore be almost impossible to access by borrowers not living in Nuuk. Certain items are not allowed to leave Groenlandica.

The loan period is one month[1]. If the date of return is exceeded, the material will be recalled and a fee is to be paid as per Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia's rules. Material which is not returned must be compensated for at the estimated replacement cost.

Unique item loans

Groenlandica is the National Library of Greenland and as such it has a preservation obligation. Therefore, part of the collection cannot be borrowed.

However, it is important that the items are available for research and other presentations of our cultural heritage. Therefore, the material can be studied at the library or copies can be made of the requested material, depending on the condition of the material in question.

On very rare occasions, the items may be borrowed, a so-called unique item loan.

[1] Students and employees at Ilimmarfik: 2 months.

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