User agreement User agreement

User Agreement

Last modified 1 May 2009

I accept that the texts / data, that I produce, can be used by Danish libraries in local and national systems and by library partners without limitations. Libraries may not alter texts / data, but I accept that libraries can delete texts / data if these conflict with the acts in force at the time in question. I am familiar with the instructions below and agree to the terms specified in the instructions.

User Agreement instructions

Last modified May 2009

The library is part of a co-operation with local libraries and national systems for storage and reuse of texts / data. Therefore, a review of a title given to one library can be seen in other library systems and in systems that libraries co-operate with.

The content of reviews must be impartial and contain no libel or other unlawful statements. The library is responsible for the legality of the published statements, which is why we reserve the right to delete typed texts / data without detailed justification.

With acceptance of the terms in this Agreement you have accepted that your texts / data are used by the library, other library systems and systems that libraries are co-operating with (which systems or business partners that may be involved will change over time, but it can e.g. be booksellers' databases that libraries exchange user reviews with.) With your acceptance of the terms you give the libraries unrestricted right to use your texts / data. Your texts are used either in full or as an extract. You will retain copyright for your texts / data which are not resold or otherwise subjected to commercial exploitation. However your texts / data may be included in the exchange with other systems for use on similar terms.

Reviews, ratings and tags are stored with personal reference. If you write reviews, your username will be visible to other users when the reviews are displayed. You can delete your reviews, ratings and tags if you regret the publishing. If you write articles for the website, these can also be deleted.

User Agreements are based on guidelines from Danish Agency for Libraries and Media.

Information about cookies

Last modified 1 September 2012

Cookies are small text files used by your internet browser to store information from the websites you are visiting. Some cookies are used only when visiting the site e.g. to remember that you are logged in or for storing information on a media list or in a shopping basket. Other cookies are used for storing information for your next visit on the website. This can e.g. be your personal settings or your user profile. Websites showing commercials usually use cookies to register the surfing behaviour of web users in order to show commercials that are addressed to specific areas of interest for a specific user.

It is a legal requirement that websites inform users about the applied cookies so users can decide whether they wish to continue visiting the website or if they want to block cookies to avoid targeted commercials etc. A website is not compelled to inform about cookies which are necessary for core functions.

The website uses cookies for these purposes:


  • To remember your choice of language
  • To remember your log in status.
  • To remember titles saved in media basket when not logged in.


Social Networks

  • The functionality ‘Like: Facebook uses cookies to remember you when logging in and to register when you click on the Like button so this can be shown on your Facebook site. Read more about cookie information at Google.
  • The functionality ‘AddThis': AddThis is used for sharing content from the website on different social networks. In this case cookies are used to remember you when logging in and also how many times content is shared by different users. Read more about cookie information at AddThis .
  • The services in ‘AddThis': When you click on links to Facebook, Twitter and the other services in the AddThis menu to share content on the website a log in page on the selected service is opened in a new window. This page is not a part of the library website and thus you can expect that this page uses cookies that are part of that specific service.


Delete and block cookies

You can delete and block cookies in your browser settings. Look for Cookies, Content, Browser data, Privacy, Security or similar. Use the browser Help function to get further information.

Cookies from AddThis can be unregistered on the ‘Opt Out' button on their cookie site.

Cookies from Google Analytics can be unregistered by means of the ‘Opt Out' tool.

The website will not work properly if you block cookies. However you will be able to perform searches, make reservations, renew your loans and see your reservations and bills but it can be necessary to log in several times when switching pages.

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