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Through the years, a number of books, manuscripts, notes and correspondence have been left to Groenlandica by people of great importance to the cultural and spiritual life of Greenland.

Some of these donations have been included in the lending collection or the National Collection, while others have been preserved as distinct collections. They are of special value, either as research objects, as collections of particular importance to the Greenlandic cultural history or as national memorials of their owners. These collections are irreplaceable and are kept carefully and protected from fire.

The special collections are:

The Reference Library and Archive of Samuel Petrus Kleinschmidt:

Preserved books, manuscripts and correspondence  left by linguist, seminary teacher, Moravian missionary and textbook author Samuel Petrus Kleinschmidt (1814-1886).

The Oldendow Collection:

Beautifully bound collection of books about and from Greenland, left by Knud Oldendow (1892-1975), former director of Grønlands Styrelse – the highest administrative agency concerning Greenland between 1925 and 1950.

The Svend Frederiksen Collection:

Manuscripts and notes from interviews with Inuit conducted during travels in the Arctic left by eskimologist and polar researcher Svend Frederiksen (1906-1967).

The Jonathan Petersen Collection:

Books, manuscripts and other documents left by Jonathan Petersen (1881-1961) – cathecist, seminary teacher, composer, lexicographer etc.

The Frederik Nielsen (Faré) Collection:

Books and manuscripts left by Frederik Nielsen (1905-1991) – author and Director of KNR – the Greenlandic Broadcasting Corporation.

The Ove Bak article Collection

An author, who spent 46 years collecting newspaper articles about Greenland. The collection, which covers the period 1832-1988, consists og 522 archival storage boxes, that will be made availabe continuously, as they are catalogued.

The Emil Rosing Collection

Books and periodicals belonging to teacher, local politician, curator, painter and author Emil Rosing (1939-2010).

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