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The National Collection The National Collection

The National Collection houses all materials (books, brochures, newspapers, posters, CDs, records, tapes, DVDs etc.) published in Greenland, by Greenlandic companies or organizations or by Danish organizations operating in Greenland as well as publications in Greenlandic regardless of the place of publication.

The majority of the materials in the National Collection have been harvested through legal deposit.

As of January 1st, 2013, the National Library contains approx. 88,800 volumes. This includes the National Collection and the Lending Collection as well as all preserved Greenlandic newspapers and periodicals. The newspapers are preserved in their original printed form, some are available on microfiche at the library and some are available online.

The National Collection is divided into a Greenlandic section and a foreign language section, chiefly Danish. Some of the items in the National Collection can be borrowed. The majority can be studied at the library if arranged with one of Groenlandica's librarians. 

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