The cultural heritage The cultural heritage
The cultural heritage The cultural heritage

Groenlandica's main task as a National Library is to collect, preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Greenland. This is a much greater and more complicated task than most people imagine.

The cultural heritage in Groenlandica is not only limited to books. Our collections also include newspapers, posters, pamphlets, music, films etc. Greenlandic authors, publishers, public institutions, businesses, yes even you, can contribute to preserving the cultural heritage for future generations, through the legal deposit, which applies to any material published in Greenland.

The main focus of Groenlandica is the promotion and physical preservation of our collections, but we also work towards the digital preservation and promotion of rare items and items of limited availability.

Do you know that Groenlandica Do you know that Groenlandica
  • Is the National Library of Greenland?
  • Is Greenland's memory bank?
  • Manages legal deposit for all publications?
  • Monitors different types of media types and outlets for relevant new publications?
  • Is for everybody?
  • Owns very new as well as very old publications?
  • Receives requests from all over the world?
  • Should receive three copies of everything that is printed by Greenlandic businesses, organizations, private individuals etc., whether it's printed locally or abroad?

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