Did you know that:

The first serious suggestion for a Greenlandic flag was put forward in 1973?

The Home Rule's competition for a new Greenlandic flag in 1980 received 555 entries, but that a winner could not be agreed upon?

The Greenlandic flag is called Erfalasorput – our flag?

Erfalasorput was first hoisted on the national day in 1985?

Thue Christiansen - the artist behind Erfalasorput - has been accused of plagiarism?

Pantone 032 is the official red colour of Erfalasorput?

Erfalasorput is also called Aappalaartoq — the red one?


Thue Christiansen - creator of the Greenlandic flag

Thue Christiansen was born in Marmorilik by Uummannaq in 1940.

After finishing his education he worked as a teacher for several years. From 1979 to 1984 he was Minister of culture. He has also worked as a journalist, undersecretary of the Directorate of culture and as a consultant promoting Greenlandic arts and crafts.

Thue Christiansen is a self-taught artist and craftsman. He has a diverse body of works, ranging from soapstone figures to computer graphics. His works have been exhibited in several countries.

He has designed postage stamps as well as logos for Greenlandic businesses and organizations.




In October 2006, a newspaper debate arose after a letter to the editor of Greenlandic newspaper AG accused Thue Christiansen of plagiarism. According to the letter, the Greenlandic flag was suspiciously similar to the banner of a Danish sports club – HEI Rosport.

This was not the first time the similarity between the two flags had been pointed out. A similar debate took place 20 years earlier. At the time, one of the debaters observed that it is not uncommon for a national flag and other logos to be very similar

HEI Rosport has never claimed the rights to the flag.



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