Arctic research

Arctic Institute of North America
An institute at the University of Calgary with focus on the Arctic regions.

The Arctic Research Consortium of the Unites States consists of institutions with a substantial commitment to Arctic research. The website features a comprehensive collection of links relating to the Arctic.

Det Nye Arktis (The new Arctic)
Website based on the Snow, Water, Ice and Permaforst in the Arctic (SWIPA) assessment from 2011. [In Greenlandic and Danish only.]

The Polar Secretariat
Danish Polar research takes place at a broad range of institutions and within many subject areas, such as climat, health, archaeology, geology, meteorology, glaciology, biology etc. 

Eskimology and Arctic Studies 
A department at the University of Copenhagen, with special emphasis on Greenland.

Greenland Institute of Natural Resources advises the Greenland Self Rule on sustainable development based on knowledge about living resources in and around Greenland.



An overview of museums in Greenland

The Inuit Circumpolar Council represents approx. 160,000 Inuit living in the Arctic region

Independent online interactive network of Inuit and Indigenous multimedia.

Inuiaat isaat

INUIAAT ISAAT  is a free film archive with private super8 films from Greenland from the 1950s, 60s and 70s.

Kalaallit Atuakkiortut
The Greenlandic Authors’ Society – network for Greenlandic authors locally and abroad. [Greenlandic and Danish only]
The Qikiqtani Inuit Association’s ongoing initiative to collect traditional Inuit myths and legends.

News from the Arctic


Homepage of the Greenlandic Broadcasting Corporation.

Online edition of the Canadian Inuit weekly newspaper Nunatsiaq News.

Aktuelt om Arktis
Annotated links with news from the Arctic, collected from Greenlandic, Danish and International news outlets by Danish journalist Martin Breum.
Online edition of the Greenlandic national newspapers. [Greenlandic and Danish only]

Arctic Monitor
Focuses on environmental, economic and social issues that involve or affect the people of the Arctic.

Eye on the Arctic/Regard sur L'Arctique [French and English]

The Arctic Journal

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