Author: Weirup, Torben
Language: Danish
Initiativtager til og medstifter af Grønlands Kunstskole, kunstneren Bodil Kaalund fylder 85 år
Author: Grymer, Claus
Language: Danish
Kunstneren Bodil Kaalund, der blandt andet har skrevet "Grønlands Kunst" fylder 85 år
Author: Hornung, Peter Michael
Language: Danish
Kunstneren Bodil Kaalund fylder 85 år. Hun er i sit arbejde stærk personlig inspireret af kristendommen og i Grønland kendt for sin store indsats for grønlandsk kunst
Author: Kaalund, Bodil
Language: Danish
Om masker i traditionel grønlandsk samfund og hvad deres funktioner kunne have været
Author: Steens, Jørgen
Language: Danish
Billed- og kirkekunstneren Bodil Kaalund blev provokeret og kom tæt på den grønlandske kultur. Hendes pionerarbejde - bogen " Grønlands kunst" - er udkommet i ny og større udgave, og selvom Kaalund har passeret de 80 år, har hun ingen planer om at gå på pension

Bodil Kaalund

With a passion for art in Greenland

Bodil KaalundBorn in 1930. Studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts 1950-1954.

A quiet rebel, who insisted on being a figurative artist in a time when abstract art was in fashion. Her favorite subjects concentrate primarily on three topics: Biblical paintings, landscapes and everyday objects

At the Art Academy Bodil Kaalund met the Greenlandic illustrator and author Jens Rosing. This prompted a lifelong commitment to the art of Greenland that has been a watershed in the perception and recognition of Greenlandic artists.

Kaalund helped organize the exhibition Greenlandic art - from Aaron to today, which was shown at Louisiana in December 1969 and January 1970. This was the first time Greenlandic works were exhibited as art and not as souvenirs or ethnographic objects.

From 1969 to 1971, Bodil Kaalund and Hans Lynge created the Graphic Workshop in Nuuk. The workshop later became Eqqumiitsuliornermik Ilinniarfik – the Art School of Greenland.

The book Grønlands kunst, published in 1979, is regarded as a pioneering work in its field. The book, which was the first work about the art history of Greenland, has been published in several editions and has been translated into Greenlandic and English (The art of Greenland, 1st edition published in 1983). Kaalund has also published books about Hans Lynge and Aaron from Kangeq.

In addition to his tremendous involvement in the art of Greenland, Bodil Kaalund has also found time to decorate a number of churches, design bishop’s robes, chasubles and other church textiles, and not least to illustrate the Danish Bible Society’s authorized Bible from 1992.


1988-91: 3-year grant from the Danish Arts Foundation

1993 Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality culture award

2002 N. L. Høyen medal

2005: Honorary Citizen of Lemvig

2006: Nersornaat in silver


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