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Groenlandica sells the following:


Deaccessioned books:

We have an ongoing sale of deaccessioned books. Maybe we have just the one you're looking for?
Price: DKK 20,- apiece.

Magnetic bookmarks:

Never lose your page again with Groenlandicas convenient magnetic bookmarks.
Price: DKK 5,- apiece or 4 bookmarks for DKK 15,-


Buy a series of postcards with beautiful pictures from Greenland. Each package contains 4 lithographs by French artist Auguste Meyer with motifs from the La Recherche Expedition's visit to Greenland in 1836.
Price: DKK 15,-

Ballpoint pens:

Write postcards or take notes with a Groenlandica ballpoint pen.
Price: DKK 10,- apiece or 5 pens DKK 40,-.

We accept Dankort (national debit card of Denmark) and cash payments.

Unfortunately we do not accept international credit cards. We're happy to ship any of the items above. Shipping and handling will be added to the price

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