Through legal deposit, Groenlandica has an almost complete collection of national as well as local newspapers published in Greenland. The newspaper collection is part of the national collection and cannot be borrowed, but can be read at the library. A large part of the newspapers is also found on microfilm.

Finally, a large part of the collection has been digitized and made accessible online in collaboration with the National and University Library of Iceland. The resulting database consists of newspapers from Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland covering the years 1773-2001.

All issues of the following Greenlandic newspapers can be found:

  • Atuagagdliutit, from 1861-1999
  • Nalunaerutit, from 1905-1948
  • Sujumut, from 1933-1948
  • AvangnamioK, from 1913-1958
  • Grønlandsposten, from 1942-1950

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